Upload Center

Here you can upload your files directly to our server so that we can work on your project from wherever YOU are! Please read the instructions below.

1. You can send us a maximum of four files with this form. If you need to transfer more files please contact us HERE so that we can set up FTP access for your files.

2. If your file is over 150 MB please do not use this form, contact us HERE so that we can set up FTP access for your files.

3. Please use a descriptive and unique name for your file. DO NOT use Image1.jpg, proof.pdf, or similar names. Instead name your file using your company or project name.

4. Depending on the size of your file, it may take some time to transfer. Please do not close your browser or navigate away from this page during the transfer. When the upload has been successfully completed, you will be notified.

5. When your upload has finished, you will be directed to a small form in order to provide us with some information about your file transfer. Please complete this form as it is important in order for us to quickly and accurately respond to you.

ABS File Upload

YOU ARE NOT DONE! Please wait for the transfer to complete and fill out the form on the next page so that we know you have sent us a file!